How will my order be shipped to me? More importanlty... WHEN??
The last year or so I've been a total shithead about sending prints out on time. It's downright embarrassing, but I've made some serious adjustments to make it happen more quickly. Orders are now going out 3-5 days from purchase. If you have ordered from me in the past and experienced difficulty, I am TRULY sorry and would completely understand if you didn't want to purchase anything from me again.

All orders are shipped via USPS, with delivery confirmation and a tracking number. Each poster is carefully rolled in a sheet of black kraft paper and placed in a sturdy shipping tube. Both ends are sealed carefully with packing tape for added security.

What about international orders?
Unfortunately, USPS does not offer a tracking numbers for international shipping, but I still put great care in packing up the poster tube so that it arrives safely. I try to get international orders out my door as soon as I can, but you should still allow 1-3 weeks for your poster(s) to arrive.

Are your gig posters official?
Yes, all my gig posters are done in conjunction with the band, band management or record label. Most of the posters are made available at the show, and a small amount are held back for me to sell on my website or at events like Flatstock.

The poster I want is sold out, will you print more?
No. All my posters are limited editions, unless otherwise specified and will most likely not be printed again. In some cases I may choose to print a color variant, or re-purpose the art in a different format (t-shirt, postcard, etc).

If you have any other questions...let me know.